Our story

During my childhood, my mom used to make natural oil fusions mixing her own ingredients. She would then apply these oils to my hair before brushing it. I soon learnt the importance of looking after your natural curls – something my mom used to remind me of as often as she could.

Through this love, my passion for hair care products grew so much, I started creating them myself. The journey started with making hair treatment masks combining fruits and oils from my own kitchen. We know how important sharing is, so Kukita Cosmetics products are now available to you. Start your journey to shiny, healthy and stunning tresses using only natural ingredients.

But where does the name Kukita come from and what does +258 stand for?

Kukita is my childhood name, so it only made sense to name the brand in honour of my queen who always serves as my inspiration. The +258? This is the code for Mozambique, my beautiful home country in Southern Africa, with an abundance of natural resources and well known for its coconut trees. We have incorporated our organic and rich Mozambican coconut oil into our hair treatment oil.

Kukita Cosmetics is against animal testing, our products are organic, and all containers are recyclable. We can’t wait for you to try Kukita Cosmetics!