About us

Hey gorgeous ladies

If you’re here, you probably want to know who we are. Firstly, I am Sharon Raston, the founder of Kukita Cosmetics. Kukita Cosmetics is a Mozambican brand created to provide you with the natural ingredients for flawless, healthy hair. We offer you a hair chronogram, also known as Capillary schedule – a treatment schedule that will restore and improve the health of your hair. How? Our treatment consists of three simple steps – hydration, nutrition and reconstruction. 

Hydration:  Deeply moisturizes and conditions dry and damaged hair

Nutrition: Nourishes, reduces hair breakage and frizz and, facilitating combing

Reconstruction: Reverses visible damage and repairs the hair fiber from within

To seal the hair cuticle after any treatment mask, we also have the silky booster serum.  Did we mention that these are cruelty free hair products suitable for all hair types?

Most people tend to complain about the hair masks they have tried before as they usually do not deliver the expected results. This happens when we trust products that may not cater to our specific hair needs. We (yes, I included) have experienced this more than once, all in the name of nurturing our crowns. 

If you are continuously exposing your hair to extreme weather conditions, heat and incorrect products, it could result in brittle, thinning and dull hair. I like to think of my hair as my baby – deserving of gentle care to promote health and growth.

Start following a hair routine using products that will fill your hair with natural ingredients, are vegan, are parabens and silicone free. It’s time to think about the happiness of your hair!

Kukita Cosmetics products are created with love, care, attention to detail and I am positive that you will have a wonderful experience and love them as much as I do. 

Warning: The use of these products may cause so much satisfaction that it may lead to addiction.


Sharon Raston